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Here you can share & download free ebooks, tutorials, articles & other documents. Some ebooks may not be from public domain. Please verify the copyright status of these works in your own country before downloading otherwise, you may be violating copyright laws. Most of the books are available in pdf, txt, epub & other formats. Happy reading!!!


All right of these ebooks are of their author/publisher of such ebooks as the case may be. Share Free Book host these ebooks as a convinient only & should not assume or accept responsibility for the contents of the site anyway. Share Free Book does not have registered copyright on documents in its digital library. Only authors/publishers owned the copyright. If you used certain documents other than for personal use, you are require to acquire a special licence for the copyright or you can use the documents as such & print it for personal, non commercial use. Please note that you must always mention the source & the author's name. For more information, please visit the office of intellectual property in the country that matches your legislation.